Aviator game for money: where to find and how to play?

The Aviator game, created by Spribe, made a splash in the world of online gambling in 2019. This is a completely new type of casino game that has nothing in common with regular slot machines, variations of classic card games, or other games. . While Aviator may look like a classic slot machine at first glance, it is actually a completely new, unique gaming experience.

Aviator is available on the official websites of the best online casinos and is still unfamiliar to many players.

How to play the game Aviator?

Aviator is a new multiplayer game in which the main character is a small airplane. Depending on the graphical version of the game, the plane either flies away completely (leaving the screen) or explodes after being hit. This easily explains why Aviator is not a classic slot machine; there are no reels, pay lines or colored symbols.

The idea of the game is as follows: the plane takes off and the multiplier increases. The bet starts at 1x, but can increase indefinitely. The further the plane flies, the more winnings the player will receive. The whole point is to win money while the plane is on the screen. If it flies away, the player loses his bet.

The crash game Aviator offers many unique features that set it apart from others and contribute to its wide popularity:

  • Players have the right to withdraw their earnings at any time. The winning amount is equal to the product of the bet and the payout coefficient.
  • It has a built-in chat that facilitates communication between players.
  • Players can access information about other players' bets, odds and winnings.
  • To increase profitability, Aviator allows you to place two bets at the same time thanks to an additional bet field.
  • Casino users can play for free or for real money without having to download the original version of Aviator. It is easily accessed online on a mobile device or desktop software, eliminating the need for downloading.

The unpredictable nature of Aviator for real money promises an exciting experience combined with big winnings!

Basic rules

The playing area is divided into three parts. In the center is a small plane that takes off and quickly gains altitude the longer it flies. The central part also contains a bet multiplier and a field where the player can manage his bet. On the left side of the screen you can see the names of other players and monitor their activities. Here you can also view the history of your winnings and aircraft flights.

Each game session goes very quickly, and the rules are very easy to understand:

  • you place a bet before the round starts, you have about 20-30 seconds, you can also place two bets per round;
  • the plane takes off and the multiplier immediately increases;
  • clicking on the button closes the current bet;
  • the bet is lost if the plane crashes or flies away before the bet closes.

The difficulty with this game is the possibility of losing high rewards by quitting too early. Often, departures even multiply the bets of those who hold them longer, by 30, 40 or more times.

Aviator has three special features to make playing easier: Split Bet, Auto Bet, and Auto Cash Out.

Knowing how to use these options can make a difference. In split betting, multiple bets are placed on the same round. You will have to press more buttons to remove bets one by one.

Using the automatic bet feature, you can set the number of rounds in which bets will be placed automatically.

The auto multiplier feature allows you to preset the multiplier. And if the plane does not fly away before reaching the target, the function takes the winnings automatically.

Important features

Here it is useful to remember that the house always wins, and in the specific case of Aviator BET, the so-called house edge is about 3%. This does not mean that you always lose, but only that you need to employ sound strategies to make a profit during your gaming session.

You also need to know that this game is a random number generation program. This ensures maximum unpredictability, and each flight does not affect the next or previous one. This creates rounds where the plane crashes immediately after takeoff or has a series of long flights.

It is also easy to see how the next flights are closed 1.01 times, and the rest - 40 times. It is these factors of unpredictability that provide additional excitement.

Hence, the most profitable strategies here relate to available capital and risk management.

Using these methods, you will be able to maximize your bets and play longer.

How are winnings calculated?

The calculation of winnings in Aviator depends on time and the multiplier. If you place a bet, the plane will take off, increasing the multiplier. The longer you wait before placing your bet, the higher the multiplier becomes and the greater your chances of winning.

To calculate the payout for a winning bet, multiply the bet amount by the closing multiplier. The multiplier completely determines the winnings in Aviator, so choosing when to exit is your most important decision in each round.

Aviator game interface features

The main colors used in the original are black and red. In the online version of the game, all possible odds are displayed on the main screen. Each coefficient is displayed in a different color: x1–x2 is blue, x2–x10 is purple, and above x10 is purple.

The Aviator game has two large buttons for betting. These buttons allow players to place or withdraw two different bets at any time. To avoid confusion, you need to pay attention only to the colors of the buttons:

  • green button – place a bet;
  • red button – cancel bet;
  • orange button - collect your winnings.

Unique in-game chat features

The game has an in-game chat and this allows you to communicate with other players around the world.

You can discuss strategies, encourage each other during rounds, or have a friendly conversation. The chat also has moderators who always ensure correct and respectful communication between players.

How to place bets in Aviator?

Once you have funded your account and started playing, you have several betting options:

Manual assignment

Here you can choose how much money you want to play and withdraw it at any time. This is a common feature of many slot machines.

Auto bid

Here you can choose a fixed bet size, which will be automatically placed in each round. You don't need to configure it every time. Similarly, Aviator has the ability to automatically withdraw funds at a certain coefficient.

How to win the game "Aviator"?

  1. Choose the right strategy
  2. Before you start, you need to choose the right game strategy. There are several different strategies, but the most common is the flat strategy. This strategy assumes a constant bet and does not require the player to change his bet depending on the results of the rounds.

  3. Set your bet
  4. After choosing a strategy, you need to set the starting bet. The bet should be big enough to guarantee you a win, but not too big that you end up spending too much money.

  5. Play at a fixed rate
  6. When using a flat strategy, you must play with a constant bet. This means that you must play at the same bet throughout the entire game.

  7. Follow the results of the rounds
  8. You need to monitor the results and make decisions based on those results. If you see that your bet is not bringing the desired result, then you need to change your bet or strategy in accordance with current conditions.

  9. Don't forget about bonuses
  10. In some casinos you can get special bonuses for playing. These bonuses can be in the form of free bets or increased bets. Use them to increase your chances of winning.

While Aviator is easy to learn, it's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with its gameplay without putting your money at risk.

Because to play Aviator online for real money, you need to decide when to deposit cash into your account. You can use the trial game function.

When you feel ready to play Aviator for real money online, it is wise to start with small bets. To maximize your bankroll, bet smaller, which in turn will limit your potential losses.

Over time, situations may arise where you will not be able to cash out before the plane departs. If you start with large bets, it is very likely that you will run out of funds before you achieve a big win.

It is very important to always bet responsibly; you can only risk your own money. As with any gambling game that uses a random number generator, the rounds in Aviator are completely random.

In Aviator Online, multipliers from recent rounds are displayed above the aircraft's flight zone.

While it may be tempting to look for patterns in these statistics and try to predict the outcome of the upcoming round, in reality such predictions are not feasible.

Aviator hack - how to use it?

Aviator hacks have become more common lately. These techniques make it easy to win big, but they come with significant risks.

Understanding the different types of hacks for Aviator games is necessary to avoid the temptation to use them.

One of the types of casino hacking is the use of bots. This hack allows players to automate the game, thereby increasing their chances of winning. However, using bots is illegal and can get you into trouble. In addition, casinos monitor the use of bots and block players caught using them. Therefore, it is better to avoid bots altogether.

Another type of hacking is collusion. This type of hack involves two or more players working together to cheat the system. Conspiracy is also illegal and may result in criminal liability. It is best to play fairly and avoid collusion with other players.

Finally, AI hacks are another type of casino hack. These hacks involve manipulating the artificial intelligence system to increase your chances of winning. AI hacks may not be illegal, but they are certainly unfair. Casinos invest a lot of money in their AI systems to ensure they are reliable and fair, and hacking them undermines the integrity of the operation.

While Aviator game hacks may seem attractive, they come with significant risks. Bots, collusion and hacking of artificial intelligence systems can all lead to legal problems or a ban from visiting online casinos. It is best for a responsible gambler to play fairly and avoid the temptation to cheat.

Is it worth playing?

The Aviator game may seem complicated at first, but it is actually quite simple once you understand the basic rules and structure. The next time you're looking for a new exciting casino game to try your luck at, you might want to give Aviator a try. Thanks to its innovative format, it delivers an unforgettable experience unlike any other.